April 18, 2010 – When You Belong to God, Your Life is Different

Do you belong to a club such as a health club? If so, then you probably have some sort of a contract. You might not be required to actually go and take advantage of the benefits of the club, but you certainly must pay your dues to continue membership. Or, you may be a member of a service organization in which both participation and dues are required. If you don’t show up, that’s a problem!

As the children of Israel embarked for the Promised Land, they did something new. They entered into a contract with God. Now that may seem strange. How do you make a contract with a God whom you do not see? But God was teaching them (and us!) to understand that God is present and reliable, and when we belong to God, there are many benefits. Come to the service Sunday and learn all about it. Read Exodus 15:22-27 to prepare.

READ THE SERMON: When You Belong to God, Your Life is Different

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