FREE Auto Class!

THIS SATURDAY, don’t miss out!
Jeff Thorpe will be offering a FREE class on how to choose a good car to purchase!
It will be at First Presbyterian Church in the fellowship hall from 10am-12pm. Regardless of age, skill level/knowledge of cars, interest in pursuing further training with cars or not, we think this class will be useful for you!
ANY and ALL are invited! 🙂

Why you NEED to take a class on cars with Jeff Thorpe:

 Jeff enjoyed spending time with his Uncle Freddy and his brother Benard under the hood of automobiles. So after graduating from high school in 1996, Jeff decided to attend Texas State Technical College where he graduated with an Automotive Technology Degree in Applied Science in 1998 and continued to work at Mike Schmidt’s Chrysler.

This was just the beginning of Jeff’s journey through the automotive field. He continued to work at several dealerships, independent shops, and cooperate chain shops until 2010, when he taught his first auto class at the Ratteree Career Development Center in Irving, Texas.

In 2014, he left Irving and started teaching at Duncanville High School and in 2015, Universal Technical Institute to work as an automotive instructor. Now, Jeff works for Protech traveling the Dfw area servicing vehicles at various shops.

Auto Mentoring/Training Program:

First Class: How to pick a vehicle, will be June 17th from 10-12pm in the FPCD Fellowship Hall
This class is free and requires no books.

Program Objective: Mentor and prepare automotive technicians with skills to service the automotive industry.

Purpose: To better develop entry level students about the automobile.

Students will receive training in:

  • How to pick a vehicle? (How to checkout a used vehicle, finance and interest rates, noises to listen for, tire wear, has this car been wrecked?)
  • Maintenance (oil changes, maintenance schedules, tire rotations, coolant, trans. fluid, vehicle checkouts)
  • Brakes- Parts, Operation, and Diagnosis
  • Steering and Suspension- Parts, Operation, and Diagnosis
  • Engines/ Engine Performance- Parts, Operation, and Diagnosis
  • Electrical- Parts, Operation, and Diagnosis
  • Heating and AC- Parts, Operation, and Diagnosis

Book used will be the ASE Motor Trend Study Guide

After training students can take ASE Certification Test, but will receive patches after two years in the industry. (must pass test first)