November 13, 2011 – The Identity of a Nation

Do you know where you came from? I mean, do you identify yourself with a certain nationality? This week’s Bible story speaks about the formation of nations. People live in community. We are connected to not only our families, but also to our community. What is the story of your community?

God intends for nations to seek after God and perhaps “feel their way toward Him and find Him.” The Bible assures us God is not far away, and having God in our lives blesses us tremendously. It gives us a connection with many other people of faith, therefore God’s people are never alone. Let’s talk Sunday. The choir sings “Creation’s King” by Paul Baloche. You will love it. See you at 10:30!

Read Genesis 10 and Acts 17:26-27 and Revelation 21:23-22:3

READ THE SERMON:  The Identity of a Nation

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