FPCD Worship Arts: Youth Music Program

We are establishing a sequential and comprehensive music program offered at First Presbyterian Church Duncanville called FPCD Worship Arts. Children of all ages are welcome to participate!

We believe in preparing our youth for opportunities to showcase their talents. Our church is a great place to facilitate that type of learning environment. Providing our young people with a focused time to practice music and artistic presentation will allow our Youth Sundays to be presented with excellence and confidence. We would like to make sure we are providing a safe place where all children can come to learn, build relationships, and further develop their artistic and leadership skills. We will need adult volunteers and children and youth of all ages. Please join us! We hope to have your support!

~ Nyadia Thorpe



Our heart as a church leadership team is to instill a heart of worship to the LORD in the next generation. We want them to discover their God-given talents and abilities at the earliest age possible, and this new FPCD Worship Arts Program is an excellent way to do that! Please partner with our efforts to train the upcoming generation by bringing your youth!

ALSO, be aware that Impact Youth and Fearless Youth groups will be meeting in tandem with these Worship Arts rehearsals. Impact Youth (grades 3-7) will be held at 5:30, dinner will be at 6:15, and Fearless Youth (grades 8-12) will be held at 6:45. This way, if you have kiddos in both age groups, you are free to drop them off and pick them up at the same time! We look forward to seeing you there!

~ Ross Shipman