FPCD Evangelism Videos


FPCD has created two evangelism resource videos and small group Bible studies. The first video, called “Clearing the Table,” demonstrates some humorous obstacles that hinder believers as they share their faith, and points them to a hopeful resolution. The second video, called “What’s So Great About Jesus?” tells the story of a man who has questions about the faith, and how his believing friends helped him explore the truth about Jesus. Together, the small group studies can be done in five weeks.

These videos and small group studies can be a great resource to your ministry and all for the affordable price of $10. Click on the “Buy Now” button in order to purchase them.

The people who created this video began learning about their mission to share their faith by reading some Scriptures.  They read about the early believers in Acts, and about John the Baptist in the Gospels and were surprised by these people’s all-out commitment and joy. They noticed their message cut people to the heart. We asked one another, “Is it worth it?” “What if we look like fools or have to die for our faith?” Our prayer is that you see Jesus’ message from the heart and it changes your life. So get a small group together, watch the videos, and have a great discussion!



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