Have you ever read something in the Bible and thought, “That sounds awful! Why is that in there? I would have left that out.” You might think that about the time of the Judges when “Another generation grew up who did not know the Lord or the work God had done” (2:10). At that time God’s people abandoned the Lord and followed other gods, and as a result, God allowed others to plunder and oppress them. But, each time the people would finally pray and God would take pity and send them a judge to rescue them. Perhaps you have experienced God’s rescue in your own life.

Gideon’s story teaches us about God’s amazing grace and power during a very dark period of time. Because times were troubled, people often lost sight of God, but God never abandoned them. All they had to do was call. This Sunday we take a strong look at our wonderful God who never fails. It’s one of the most creative victories in the Bible. Our youth, along with First Presbyterian Church Idaho Falls youth and their pastor Tom Wylie, will tell the story.

It’s going to be GREAT! Join us at 10:30. Read Judges 7:9-23 to prepare.

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