April 10, 2011 – Jesus Claims the Kingdom

Please forward to the 35 minute mark to hear the sermon.

Do you believe in the supernatural? Or, do you think nature alone takes its course? Your answer to those questions determines how you view life. Perhaps you need additional definitions before answering. Let’s say nature is what happens on its own accord. Trees bud, flower and leaf, leaves fall and the tree goes dormant. Cycle repeats itself without any help. In contrast, the supernaturalist believes there is something else that interrupts or interjects itself into nature. In this Sunday’s lesson, Jesus tries to make that point. God has interjected Himself into the natural cycle, in Jesus.

When we believe and embrace that fact, it has all kinds of implications. The supernatural becomes possible in our lives. Miracles become a reality. Bold prayers inviting God to invade our lives are realistic. However, only by experience do we learn. Join us Sunday at 10:30 and we can talk about experiencing it. See you then!

READ John 10:22-42 and Isaiah 52:13 – 53:6

READ THE SERMON: Jesus Claims the Kingdom

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