6/10/18 – The Mission, and the Spirit Who Empowers

Have you ever taken a class or joined a goal-oriented program? Perhaps you took a financial class to learn how to manage your money, or signed up to learn how to run a small business. Perhaps you have initiated a healthy lifestyle through cooking nutritious meals. Or, your goal is something informal that your family “just does,” yet you are just as readily committed to it.

Jesus was a planner. He was shaping the lives of his disciples around the Kingdom of God, but when he left this earth, how would they do? He gave them help that was beyond their expectations. Today in 2018, do you tap into it? That’s the subject for Sunday’s worship at 10:30. ONE WAY YOU CAN PREPARE IS TO DRIVE ON OVER TO THE CHURCH ON SATURDAY (6/9, 12-4 pm) AND GET YOUR CAR WASHED BY OUR YOUTH! Fantastically, you can even get the dog washed!! They are raising funds for camp.We will see your beautifully clean cars on Sunday.

READ:  John 14:15-24, John 20:21-23, Ezekiel 37:1-10

READ the MESSAGE:  The Mission, and the Spirit Who Empowers

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