3/7/21 – Sunday Morning Preview

If you have not been to First Presbyterian for awhile and attend this Sunday, you might be shocked. Here’s a preview:

May be an image of indoor

Yes, like many in the DFW area, we had a flood on the last day of the snow and zero temps. So you will enter past a pile of wet carpet on the patio, have to maneuver around some stacked chairs, and walk on an uncarpeted floor. And the lights will not all turn and there are holes in the walls, necessary to let many gallons of water out. But the broken pipes were fixed by plumber Cliff Freeney, who worked into the wee hours of the morning replacing the pipes to help us be ready for worship. What a blessing he was to FPCD! 

And does it really matter that there is damaged carpet and walls, dim lights and bare floors? Won’t the joy of worship consume us no matter the surroundings? Isn’t the church really all about the heart that seeks God and the life that centers in God? Come join the folks at FPCD this Sunday. Worship is at 10:30 and Sunday School meets at 9:15. It could not be a better time to reach out to God and each other. See you there (and online too)!

READ: Matthew 6:16-21 and Isaiah 58:1-12 

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