10/28/18 – Shining Brightly on Judgment Day

If you are a fan of old movies, most of them had happy endings. Even if the circumstances were tragic, you expected a silver lining to every cloud. Compare that to today. There’s not that much optimism for a happy ending. 

We have been studying Malachi, the last prophet before John the Baptist and the magnificent babe, Jesus, enter the scene. Prophets generally are not known for their good news. But Malachi ends his book with stunning news. It’s the best news ever, and eventually would be called the Good News and shared everywhere. We are going to see this good news from Malachi’s perspective. It’s strangely called Judgment Day. Does that intrigue you? Join us at 10:30 for worship and 9:15 for Sunday School. The youth are doing a skit. See you there!

READ: Malachi 3:13-4:3

READ the Sermon:  Shining Brightly on Judgment Day

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