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Book: Acts

  • June 13 2021

    Philip, who was a deacon in the very first church, experienced the Spirit big time as he was led here and there to share the good news with all kinds of people. This week he is sent to an important dignitary from a foreign country. It was a chance meeting–or was it?

  • June 6 2021

    The Psalmist says, “GOD is awesome in his SANCTUARY. Join us in our newly renovated Sanctuary for worship as we talk about the reason for church. We will explore what the church did at first, after Pentecost.

  • May 30 2021

    Speaker: Jeff Thorpe

    Topic: Faith

    Book: Acts

    Like soldiers, Christians have a battlefield to fight on each day. It is our sole duty to spread the gospel and fight the Good fight of Faith until death. It is very important that we are armed and ready also, but how do you fight the Good fight of faith?

  • May 23 2021

    Sunday is Pentecost. Think of it as “Christmas for the Holy Spirit.” Jesus came to earth on Christmas. The Holy Spirit arrived here fifty days after Easter. That’s this Sunday!

  • May 16 2021

    This Sunday celebrates Jesus’ ascension. It happened forty days after the resurrection. He spent all those forty days appearing to the disciples, eating with them and proving in many ways that he was alive. In fact, he appeared during those days to over 500 people, and later to Paul on the road to Damascus. Jesus is alive!

  • May 9 2021

    If you had to describe why you are a Christian, what would you say? Let’s say Jesus suddenly appeared here in Duncanville in person and the two of you were walking down Main Street at Center. How would you introduce Jesus to someone?