Baptism in the Name of Christ

October 23, 2022

Book: Acts

Do you know how many sacraments are practiced in the Presbyterian church? If you read the above title, you will see one of the two. Baptism has a history, having been practiced in Judaism for ritual purity long before Christianity. Jesus was baptized, which informally inaugurated his ministry. Paul was baptized three days after he met Jesus on the Damascus Road. Paul saw to it that new believers received baptism “in the name of Jesus.”


This Sunday we baptize four boys who have all professed faith in Jesus. This special event takes place in a pool on the patio at the 10:30 Worship Service. Join us for this celebration of the sacrament of Baptism. Sunday School takes place at 9:15, and Lemonade on the Lawn fellowship after the worship service. I can’t wait to see you standing with us in support of these young people!


To view the Full Service, CLICK HERE.

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