The Power of Honoring God’s Truth

October 3, 2021

Book: 1 Samuel

Remember the show “To Tell the Truth?” One person (the central character) was sworn in to give truthful answers. Two imposters were permitted to lie about who they were while a panel of contestants ask questions to discover the central character.  I’m not sure of the purpose of “To Tell the Truth.” Perhaps it was the show the power of discerning which person’s words authentically matched their life. God said when you honor the truth you will be blessed.


But how do we discern God’s truth? And how do we then convey that truth to others? Samuel learned just that from his mentor. In the Worship Service we are talking about insignificant characters in the Bible who made a big difference to God. In addition, October 3rd is World Communion Sunday. Sunday School begins at 9:15. Both children of all ages and adults who are interested in learning to play the Cajon are invited to join the Cajon Class located in the Children’s Wing at 9:15. All Sunday School classes are in session at 9:15. Lemonade on the Lawn is served after worship.


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