Jesus’ True Identity Revealed

November 27, 2022

Book: Isaiah

During Advent we look forward in anticipation to Jesus’ birth, but also prepare ourselves for His coming. One way of preparing is to know something about the One who came– and is coming to us again. This season we look forward to the One who is greater than us, who can do something to help us. For this first week of Advent, we look at the importance of the Shepherd and the tradition of shepherds, for it is said, “Messiah will shepherd his people.”


It is very interesting that the Messianic Shepherd is introduced some one thousand years before Jesus’ birth. Again and again, God’s Word talks about shepherds. God is a planner and God gives us many markers to help us identify the One God has planned to come to us. Be sure to join us each week for these “clues” so that you can be assured of the One who comes to us. Emmanuel. The Worship service is at 10:30, and throughout Advent includes Christmas Carols and special anthems from Mysterium, a collection of music from countries around the world. Sunday School happens at 9:15. Join us! I can’t wait to see you!


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