Do You Hear the Hallelujahs?

March 28, 2021

Book: Matthew

Do You Hear the Hallelujahs?

Would a parade for Jesus be announced today in our city? If so, would you attend? Imagine. . . What if all the churches decided to cooperate, agreed upon a time and date, set the music in place, arranged some sort of a ticker tape parade (modern-day palm branches)– How many would show up? We could experience what occurred on Palm Sunday sometime around 30 A.D. Actually it’s been done recently by many churches in New Paltz, New York, led by the local Lutheran Church.

Palm Sunday begins HOLY WEEK, the most important week for civilization, in the opinion of believers. It is actually a war march rather than a parade, and each step will be described in the services this week.

Listen to the FULL SERVICE HERE.

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