Beware of Ant-Supernatural Christianity

April 8 2018

Series: John

Book: 1 Kings, John

Beware of Ant-Supernatural Christianity

Bible Text: John 4:46-54 and 1 Kings 17:20-24 | Speaker: Rev. Dr. Ginger Hertenstein | Series: John

Having just experienced Holy Week and now in the first week after the Resurrection, have you considered how extraordinary Jesus’ raising from the dead was, after the lapse of three days since his crucifixion? Once, I saw a huge painting of someone’s imagining of the resurrection at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles. Jesus seemed to be almost propelled out of the grave. His arms were up and the shroud was peeling off as if by force. It was beautifully dramatic and I wish I knew the artist’s name.

When you pray about some problem, do you see Jesus in the light of that power? This week’s passage is about another miraculous event involving Jesus and we ask that question. I hope you will join us–the discussion is an important one. Worship at 10:30, with Sunday School, including donuts and coffee, at 9:15. I can’t wait to see you!