An Authentic Ministry to Follow

Scripture: Matthew 5:13-20

The thing that strikes me the most is that true Christians are not afraid the be authentic. We may ask, what makes a Christian authentic? My answer to you is the vulnerability to be transparent. Be real, be see through.
Because we are the salt and light that God is using to save others, we need to be able to allow people to see God in our lives and not sell God to their lives. God is not a business model, but He is a savior that truly wants a relationship with His people. It doesn’t matter race, attitude, past, or mistakes made. This is what people need to know and see that God wants all of you.
Too many times we try to sell the good life, magic Genie God, and people get confused and stop their search and say, God doesn’t work, I tried that God thing and it is not for me.
My challenge to you today is be authentically transparent with people and draw them in with real salt and light, and not the artificial elements.

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