The Reward of Prioritizing God’s Wisdom

January 29 2023

Book: Proverbs

Who do you rely on when you need wisdom? Is there a friend? Do you think about what your parents might have done? Do you follow the advice of a TV personality? What guides you? A fortune cookie? What grounds you? Jesus says circumstances in life call for a variety of actions like–being shrewd as a snake, or sly as a fox, or innocent as a dove. Sometimes we must receive things like a child, and other times refrain with silent judgment. The Bible says to turn to God for wisdom and you will gain great benefits. Jesus concurs.


That is the subject we will address in worship on Sunday. Together we will discover one of the greatest assets of believing in Jesus, should we take his advice! One thing that helps us is attending Sunday School, which happens each week at 9:15. There is always coffee and donuts! Worship follows at 10:30. Join us–there’s no better place for you and your children and grandchildren. I can’t wait to see you!


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