Surprising Faithfulness Saves a People

September 12, 2021

Book: Exodus

Do you ever feel when you read the Bible, “What great acts of faith! I could never be like that. I’m just an average person!” This week we begin a series called “There’s No Small Part in God’s World” to look at the lesser-known people of the Bible—sisters and brothers; parents; relatives and friends—or simply someone who is at the right place at the right time, and does something that makes a difference. There’s no insignificant person in God’s world, though we as humans may feel that small efforts do not matter.


This week, due to the ongoing renovation in the Fellowship Hall and Education building, your Sunday School class will not take place (unless your teacher has contacted you and made other arrangements). There will be NO THIRD SUNDAY POTLUCK on September 19. However, Worship will be at 10:30 as always, with Lemonade on the Lawn following the service. I can’t wait to see you!


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