Ginger Hertenstein – Lead Pastor

Rev. Dr. Ginger Hertenstein

Ginger Hertenstein is in her eleventh year as solo pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Duncanville. She received a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, she has lived in many major cities including Los Angeles, New York City area, Washington D.C., Kansas City, and of course, the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.

She loves to lead people in the pursuit of God, actively pursuing public ministry using biblical storytelling, working with city government, businesses, school, and church leadership. She organizes Community Conversations for community leaders. She and First Presbyterian lead large festivals to bring the diverse community together and raise funds for the local emergency assistance agency. She and First Presbyterian organized a Community Chorus which was invited to sing Handel’s Messiah at Carnegie Hall in New York. The Duncanville Chamber named Ginger Duncanville 2018 Woman of the Year.

Ginger enjoys studying the Bible and listening for God’s voice. She likes anything that has to do with conversation about Jesus because He is the most interesting person in (and outside of!) the world. Her ministry approach is to communicate God’s message creatively and skillfully, using words, drama, storytelling, art, and music. These are reflected in each week’s worship service.

Her favorite way to spend a day is with her family, hiking or in a beautiful garden. She’s not too into food so whatever is set before her that she does not have to cook is perfect! She likes to eat with children and presidents, and would like to talk to Martin Luther, because he says “preach the Word, even if no one is listening.” That’s the best, because that is what Ginger loves to do.

She can watch The Princess Bride over and over, even though it is old. She remembers sitting on a bench-shaped rock in childhood and being glad to be alive. A favorite book is The Door in the Wall, by Marguerite de Angeli, but she has many others to recommend to you.

If she had a superhero power, she would love to have the power of evangelism to share the good news. Nothing is more powerful than the magnificent love of Jesus. She LOVES to see people discover Him.

Ginger and husband Dean have six adult children and five grandchildren. Together, they enjoy family, friends, and traveling.