September 28, 2008 – Openhanded Lifestyle

When Abram answered the call of God, it did not mean an end to problems. No sooner than he arrived in the land of promise, he and his family had to leave because of a severe famine. Some might be tempted to say, well, the promise of God just did not work out in reality. But the truth of the matter is living by faith is not always about momentary success. Things happened through the family’s sojourn in Egypt. God protected and preserved them, even when they stumbled through some poor errors in judgment. (You will have to read that part of the story for yourself in Genesis 12:10-20.) And in the end, they came back to the land of Canaan much stronger than when they left.

Abram returned to the place where he had first built an offering and called on the name of the Lord. That is where this week

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