When Faith Gets Real

October 1, 2017

When Faith Gets Real

Passage: Daniel 3

The story from Daniel for this Sunday is so famous even famous singers sing about it. Have you heard of the Ford Leary Singers from 1939? What of Louis Armstrong? He sang it in 1952. There's the Wanderers--1959 and The Larks, from the 50's. I'm not done. Brook Benton, 1962. Johnny Cash's version is called Fourth Man in the Fire. Yes, it's a magnificent story.

But would this song work in 2017? Or have we lost our vision for miracles? BRENDA EVERETT tells the story in worship at 10:30. Come have your faith built! Sunday School at 9:15 includes a new class for YOUNG ADULTS by Jeff Thorpe. The study is called "God's Friend." You will love this week. See you there!

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