February 8, 2009 Sermon – What a Witness: Love, Bless, Pray

The past few weeks we have followed Jesus from town to town, observing as He healed people, cast out demons, and forgave sins. But Jesus was not just a “faith healer.” He had something to say. This week we’ll listen in on one of His sermons.

Jesus speaks loving words of instruction for those who are ready to hear the truth. As we listen, let’s hear them as from a friend. They are life-giving words that help us know how to live, in good times and bad. Even though it is challenging to live up to God’s standards, Jesus said, “I promise you, you will never regret it.” Come ready to listen Sunday and let’s learn how to stand on the solid Rock in these unstable times.

READ THE SERMON:  What a Witness: Love, Bless, and Pray

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