November 14, 2010 – Faith Comes Against Hate

Some say – I am offended by God sending Jesus to die on the cross. That’s too violent for me. Yes, violence offends. But let’s think about our world. Is it a civilized world with less or more violence than in past times? The newspaper reports that a violent video game broke sales records as “hordes waited at midnight Monday to get their hands on the military shooter” (Dallas Morning News, 11/12/10, 3D). There’s violence in movies and music. Then there’s bullying, domestic violence, and war. Civilized as we may be, the world is a violent place.

This fact is nothing new. Stephen was a deacon in the first century church who was also a preacher and prophet. His preaching resulted in him being killed – by religious leaders no less. Why all the violence? That’s the topic of conversation this week. It’s a relevant subject. The Bible is always relevant. Come join the discussion. Sunday School meets at 9:15, followed by worship at 10:30. You will be blessed.

To prepare read: Acts 6, Acts 7, and Jeremiah 26:8-16

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