Missing Teenage Girl Found!

UPDATE: Angel has been found! Praise the Lord!

Name: Angel Kezar
Age: 16
Last Seen: 11:45pm on Saturday, September 29, 2018
Hometown: Glenn Heights, TX

Glenn Heights Police Department: (972) 223-3478
Police R
eport Number: 201800955

Or contact Waxahachie Police Department: (469) 309-4400
Or Angel’s church, First Presbyterian Church Duncanville: (972) 298-3043; info@fpcd.org

 Parents: Irving and Peggy Kezar

Angel Kezar was last seen in her home at around 11:45pm on Saturday, September 29, 2018.  She left during the night with an unknown individual(s) driving a gray Ford truck, either a Ranger or F150.  Police report filed immediately upon discovery that she was missing; detectives are working on the case as time permits. 

Questions, contact: Peggy Kezar: (214) 505-4948; peggy@kezarnet.com

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