Jennifer Johnson – Administrative Assistant



Jennifer Johnson was born in Mandaluyong City, Philippines, as the daughter of Wycliffe missionaries. She graduated high school from Faith Academy in Manila, then went on to study art and biblical studies at Biola University in La Mirada, CA where she received a BFA in Studio Arts and a Bible minor in 2012. After graduating she moved “home” to Duncanville to live with her parents in a place she had never been before.

The people who know Jennifer best are those who have been there with her throughout her life, her parents Allan and Betty, and her older sister Becky. They know that making things is what makes her happy, and they understand what it’s like to sometimes feel caught between two worlds. Jennifer’s favorite way to spend a day is through creating – painting, drawing, making pottery, writing poetry, singing, or baking, but she enjoys other forms of leisure as well. She likes to think of herself as a reader, but doesn’t take as much time to read as she would like. Although she tends to enjoy classic literature like the Count of Monte Cristo, she has also been known to read young adult literature for lighthearted fun or the occasional fantasy or science fiction novel. When deciding what movie to watch, she tends to go for movies that are thought provoking or pull some heart strings, though her go-to in a moment of indecision is Mona Lisa Smile, as it brings back fond memories of taking art history classes in college.

Growing up overseas, Jennifer has a lot of memories of childhood adventure that she holds close to her heart and finds it impossible to choose a favorite. Because of this multi-cultural upbringing, she also has friends in countries all over the world. If she could choose just one superpower, she would choose to be able to teleport so that she could snap her fingers and visit these friends instantly, without the required cost or time normally needed for travel.

If you were to invite Jennifer over for a meal, she would delightedly accept. She is not picky about food and will eat anything you serve her, though she does appreciate a well-crafted meal. If the world’s best chef were to grace her kitchen she would request that he make his specialty, something to surprise or delight her, with tiramisu cake for dessert. If she could travel in a time machine and share this meal with anyone, she would of course enjoy a meal with Jesus Christ, but would find it inspiring to also invite Vincent Van Gogh, Elizabeth Elliot, or any number of inspiring people who have lived through history.

At FPCD, Jennifer loves putting creative thought and care into all she does, from creating bulletins and putting together power-points and flyers, to every day tasks. She has not been at FPCD for long, but she is looking forward to being able to use her passions for art and the Word of God to serve you all in whatever way she can.