January 18, 2009 – Have I Got A Deal for You

Times were good. Throngs of Israelites went out to the Jordan River to be baptized by John the Baptist. Expectations were high that the Messiah was coming. Then Jesus himself was baptized and his ministry began. The first three chapters of Luke contain many prophecies about Him – a child is born who will save his people. He will fill them with good things; He’s the Messiah, the deliverer. It’s a great time. And yet we read that the Holy Spirit led him out into the wilderness where Jesus was tested by the devil.

Do you experience temptations during good times? Then you know what it must have been like. What was Jesus’ resolve in the face of the devil? How do we resist temptation? To read more follow the link below.

READ THE SERMON:  Have I Got A Deal for You

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