December 5, 2010 – Joseph’s Story: Dreams Really Do Come True

Consider someone who has a dream. Perhaps it is personal – to realize some personal potential, like becoming a professional singer. Or, perhaps someone comes to your mind with a dream for social justice or to help the helpless, like providing for orphaned children. Now think about this: God has a dream. That may surprise you.

The amazing thing about God’s dream is that God gives it away to you and to me. God dreamed of having a people who know and worship God. God gave that dream to Abraham. The dream flourished and developed, and would culminate in His Son, Jesus Christ. But Jesus would need both a mother and a legal, earthy father. So God gave that dream to Joseph. How did Joseph know it was real? How did Joseph embrace it? That’s what we will be talking about in worship. I love dreams. I can’t wait to talk about it! See you Sunday.

To prepare read: Matthew 1:18-25 and Micah 5:2-5

READ THE SERMON: Joseph: Dreams Really Do Come True

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