5/4/2014 – The God Who Loves Us

Have you had a serious miscommunication recently? Perhaps it was because of a text message, email or social media posting?

Communication is key in 2014. There are so many different platforms, gadgets and cultural conditions because we live in the digital age. Times change but God doesn’t so how should Christians handle the shifting society? Issues that are loaded with complexity surround us and how we respond impacts the outcome. What we need is a way to communicate that doesn’t get in the way of Jesus.

The first Christians were called to communicate the message of Jesus to a world they were unfamiliar with. How did they do it? We will be exploring their journey and picking up some tips from them.

To prepare, please read Romans 5:8 and Matthew 28:18-20. Also, please prepare your heart to receive communion. Don’t forget to invite a friend or neighbor!

For a quick laugh…watch this video about miscommunication: