3/30/14 – What Does the Holy Spirit Do, Exactly?

2014-03-30 Worship from Duncanville Presbyterian on Vimeo.

When you think of the benefits of your faith in Jesus, what comes to mind? What is most valuable to you? Is it the comfort of a distant future in heaven? Is it the security of being a part of a church? Is it that you can turn to God in prayer? What is your greatest benefit?

Jesus was about to leave the earth and return to his Father in heaven. But he wanted the disciples to know that they were not abandoned so he said, “It’s good that I go.” Huh??? He further explained that he would send them “The Advocate.” That’s what he called the Holy Spirit. With that title he explained what the Holy Spirit does. The Holy Spirit supports us, helps us, believes in us—he has our backs! Have you experienced that gift? It’s the best gift God gives. We will talk about it on Sunday. Sunday School begins at 9:15 and Worship at 10:30. I’m excited about this subject. I think you will be too!

READ Ezekiel 11:14-25 and John 16:5-16

READ the Sermon:  What Does the Holy Spirit Do, Exactly?