1/19/2014 — The Power of the Community of Christ

2014-01-19 Worship from Duncanville Presbyterian on Vimeo.

Beating. Imprisonment. Earthquakes. Suicide. When everything falls apart where do you turn? This week begins a new series on a community called Philippi. Believers Saul, Timothy, and Luke are part of the Philippian church. The people of Philippi hold them up with love and they learn when everything falls apart God’s arm holds them together.

When your life seems to fall apart where do you turn? Join us as we explore that question next Sunday. After all, we are all in this together. IT’S POTLUCK SUNDAY! All are welcome.

In preparation, please read Acts 16:11-40 and Philippians 1:1-11.

Read the sermon here: 2014.1.19.Phil1.1-11.Act16