9/22/13 – Back to Church Events Continue!

What’s the best approach to gaining the desires of your heart, whether in the employment realm or finding the “right one” or other needs in your life? Do you go about it with aggressive self-promotion or do you simply pray? Do you put yourself forward in pursuit of what you want or wait for God’s leading? These seem like two opposite-end extremes. Perhaps one makes the other seem naive!

This week’s lesson on David shows the struggle between two men who acted out of the opposite extreme. It’s an interesting study of two “life approaches.” You will recognize them. Perhaps the example will inform you about how you might want to go about seeking your heart’s desires. After worship we gather in the Fellowship Hall for FOOTBALL, FOOD, & FRIENDS as the Dallas Cowboys take on the St. Louis Rams. It’s going to be a great Sunday. I can’t wait to see you!

READ 2 Samuel 2:1-18 and Mark 10:35-45

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