2013-09-15 Worship from Duncanville Presbyterian on Vimeo.

This Sunday we invite folks who were raised in the church but who have kind of fallen away to think back. Perhaps it was in childhood that you remember going to church. Or maybe you participated in a church’s youth group. Or went to church camp and have fond memories. But, over the years you just sort of drifted away.

We invite you to return on Sunday, have a dinner on us, sing, be lifted up. For there is a realm all around us which we don’t often see, but when we do enrichment comes to our lives. There’s a man in the Bible — his name is David. You may not know him, but I bet you have heard the poem — the Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want . . . David wrote that. Well, David had many hard times. But he had a unique way of seeing God. We’ll take about how to see God this Sunday. I’d love to see you there! Sunday School at 9:15 is for beginners and advanced, all ages. Don’t be shy! This is a humble place to explore God, ask questions, and See God.

Read 2 Samuel 1 and John 11:32-36

Read the MESSAGE:  How to See God