9/8/13 – Confidence in God, Confidence in Prayer

2013-09-08 Worship from Duncanville Presbyterian on Vimeo.

Martin Luther said, Pray, and let God worry. I think he got that from David in the Bible. Long before he was king; long before he was anybody but a ragamuffin warrior in the backwoods, David had confidence in God. My problem is—and you might identify—I tend to pray, but then also worry. But David prayed and was boldly confident that God would give him victory.

Now David didn’t have small problems, so we can’t say, well, if he had my struggles he wouldn’t be so confident in God! Actually his problems were greater than most of us experience in a lifetime. So his story is worth hearing. Come Sunday and let’s talk about it! Sunday School at 9:15 for all, from beginner to experienced student. Worship is at 10:30. Can’t wait to see you!

READ 1 Samuel 30 and Acts 4:23-32.

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