2013-07-21 Worship from Duncanville Presbyterian on Vimeo.

Do you think of God as “way up there” somewhere, far away and not that involved in everyday life? Or do you think of God as near you? How you answer that question has great implications for your life! Because if God is very near you then God cares; and if God is with you, God is involved in your everyday life. Thus our blessing is valid: “You go nowhere by accident; wherever you go God is sending you . . .”

God was very involved in the lives of those in Israel. God chose Israel’s kings. The new king would be David, who arose from being a shepherd in the outback to becoming king. He was a symbol of the future Messiah, the King of Kings. It’s exciting to see God’s long-term plans unfold. If God had plans then, we can assume God has plans now—for us! We’ll talk about that Sunday. Sunday School at 9:15 and worship at 10:30. The youth share about their MISSION TRIP. IT’S POTLUCK SUNDAY! Can’t wait! All are welcome.

READ 1 Samuel 16:1-13 and John 10:9-18

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