3/3/13 – Where the Rubber Meets the Road of Faith

2013-03-03 Worship from Duncanville Presbyterian on Vimeo.

Did you ever go to a wedding or a shower and forget to take a gift? Probably not! But if you did it would likely be one of those most embarrassing moments. What would people think? Or, perhaps you have had an experience where someone just left a gift for you on your front porch – and didn’t even sign their name!

Gift giving stirs up all kinds of thoughts and emotions — what to get; how much to spend, and for what occasion. Jesus says when giving, don’t do it to impress others, but try to give as if only God sees. That might be a new frame of reference for giving gifts. Sunday we will talk about giving from Jesus’ perspective. Sunday School is at 9:15 for all, and worship is at 10:30. Can’t wait to see you!

READ Matthew 6:1-4, Jeremiah 17:5-14

READ THE SERMON:  Where the Rubber Meets the Road of Faith