2/13/2013 – Ash Wednesday Service, 7 pm

Do you ever have ups and downs in your faith? Has your faith ever waned? How do we regain vibrancy of faith? Wednesday is called Ash Wednesday and it is the first day of Lent. Lent is the period of time before Easter when we heighten our search for God. Realizing our frailness, sin, and mortality, we know we fall away from God at times. So between now and Easter we draw close by spending time on spiritual things. Join us as together we say to God, “Please listen.” And, we set aside the time to restore our faith. We talk to God. We listen to God. We do this together, and it begins at 7 pm. See you then!

To prepare READ Psalm 80.

READ THE PASTOR’S MESSAGE:  Make His Face Shine upon You