12/16/12 – Christmas Choir Concert

2012-12-16 Worship from Duncanville Presbyterian on Vimeo.

This weekend brings more special celebrations of Christmas. The choir sings at BEN FRANKLIN Saturday at 1:00 pm. Then Sunday we enjoy God in Mortal Flesh Revealed at 7:00 pm. The concert is filled with music for everyone – spirituals, gospel, carols. The concert has a spirit of fun, delight, mystery, and joy as we discover this “Pretty Little Baby.” How can God descend on us as profoundly and humanly as a baby in diapers? God’s ways are not always our ways; but then God’s ways are so much our ways. This Sunday morning we will talk about God’s Holy Way. The message could be renamed HOPE WHEN WE FAIL. The story is about Joseph, a righteous man who found himself in a very unpredictable situation. He demonstrates true righteousness in all God’s grace. You might not think of “doing the right thing” as being filled with grace. But that’s God’s way. Come and discover the joy. Saturday at 1:00, Sunday at 9:15, 10:30, and 7 pm. See you there! READ Matthew 1:18-24 and Isaiah 11:1-9 READ THE SERMON:  God’s Holy Way