11/18/12 – When People Fall Away, What Does a Good God Do?

2012-11-18 Worship from Duncanville Presbyterian on Vimeo.

When you make a commitment to something, it certainly pays to consider the cost. Sometimes that means you need to read the small print. Is a contract involved? Are there hidden fees? Or, perhaps your commitment involves time. You must consider whether you truly have the time to carry out the project. Perhaps the cost of the commitment involves your lifestyle. The integrity between what you say you believe and what you do impacts other people.

The prophet, Amos, talked about just that. God’s people were not living out the lifestyle God calls for. And so corrections would be made.  God often uses consequences to bring that corrective action. On a positive note, though, when people DO live out the lifestyle they claim, it can make a huge impact on others. This Sunday and Nov. 25 are commitment Sundays. Our commitment impacts each and every one of us – and the world. We also enjoy THANKSGIVING DINNER at 6:00, with Ellis Junction Jazz Orchestra. The community is invited! Can’t wait to see you!

READ Amos 7-9:10 and Romans 12:2-3, 9-21

READ THE SERMON:  When People Fall Away, What Does a Good God Do?