9/30/12 – The Single Life

2012-09-30 Worship from Duncanville Presbyterian on Vimeo.

Have you ever wondered what the Bible has to say about the single life? Do you know someone who feels called to being single but also feels incredible pressure to be married? How could you counsel someone in that position? Perhaps you have a friend or relative and they’ve shared with you the struggles of the single life. Could you encourage them from a Biblical perspective?

It isn’t easy to be single in a lust-driven/romantically obsessed culture. The movies, the magazines, and the ads are all about meeting that special someone. As if ones entire life purpose hinges on whether a chance encounter becomes a lifelong commitment. A world of pressure crashes down on the single person to somehow manufacture the miracle of love. Should everyone be married? What happens when marriage doesn’t coincide with your vocation? What if you want to be married but you just haven’t met someone you fit with?

This Sunday we’re going to ask and answer some difficult questions about the single life that will be useful to both single and married alike. After the service we will have the wonderful privilege of hosting the Lost Immigrants gospel band! http://www.lostimmigrants.com/ Plan on hanging out after the service for some delicious free food as well as live music. We will also have a Bounce House for the little ones.

This is going to be an amazing Sunday! Invite your friends and neighbors!