7/15/12-Bearing the Image of God

7/15/12-Bearing the Image of God

Have you ever thought of Jesus as an advice-giver? How about the Bible as a book to turn to for practical advice? Did you know that the Bible tells you whether to pay your taxes or not? In fact, the Bible gives advice about money ten times as often as any other advice.

Some folks came to Jesus for advice about taxes, but the answer they got was not quite what they expected. That is the way Jesus is. You go to Him with a struggle, a problem, or seeking help and you get so much more. This Sunday we talk about Jesus’ ideas about taxes AND money.  Our own DEBORAH TITUS has arranged some music for it. It’s called, “My Gift to God.” Join us! 10:30.

READ Mark 12:13-17, 41-44 and Genesis 14:17-23

READ THE SERMON:  Bearing the Image of God