6/24/12 – How to Receive Like a Child

6/24/12 – How to Receive Like a Child

Once someone wrote a book called How To Eat Like A Child. It delightfully captures the essence of children. Children trust when you toss them up in the air. Children want your attention as if you are the most important person in the world. Children never worry about money. They trust you to console them, solve their grievances, and give them a cookie. Children forgive.

So how did we get so far away from all that as adults? Jesus was teaching one day and parents brought their children to Him to be blessed. The disciples formed a wall to block them out. Jesus had more important things to do. Or so they thought. Indignant, Jesus insisted they be brought to Him saying, “How children think is what the kingdom of God is all about.” What a refreshing thought that it’s not about human self-importance, but about innocence, simplicity, dependency, and humility. Let’s celebrate those things Sunday at 10:30. The choir sings a favorite: The Majesty and Glory of Your Name. Join us!

Read Mark 10:13-16 and Deuteronomy 1:20-39

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