5/27/12 – PENTECOST

Once, thousands of people traveled to hear Jesus speak – some from a great distance. They were with Him for three days. Upon sending them home, Jesus was concerned that they be fed, so He gave that task to His disciples. They didn’t know quite what to do. He said, “Bring me what you have.” So someone gave their lunch. They didn’t have to do that. But in doing so, their lunch, their “security,” became a channel of blessing for everyone.

We might wonder, what can we do for God? We might feel there would be no future in it. But in Jesus’ hands, the smallest things become stunning blessings for many. Come hear about the blessing He has worked through one family. And consider giving Him your lunch, for in that you will be used mightily. CELEBRATING MISSIONS around the world in dress and song. Sunday, 10:30. See you there!

Read Mark 8:1-8, John 21:15-17, Acts 1:4-9, Acts 2:1-4

READ THE SERMON:  “Nothing May Come of This!”