5/13/12 – Growing God’s Healthy Family

5/13/12 – Growing God’s Healthy Family
In 2005 it rained so much in Los Angeles that houses were sliding down the hills. The rains, the cause of so much trouble for some, also produced a miracle of sorts, because those winter storms also brought six inches of rainfall to Death Valley.


Suddenly the valley was filled with color. Seeds that had lain dormant for up to one hundred years burst into bloom. It was kind of like Jesus’ parable about a farmer who scattered seeds. Night and day passed and the seeds – he didn’t know how – grew, bloomed, and produced a bountiful harvest. Life was there in the midst of death. That signifies what God does in us as we live into God’s kingdom. Let’s talk about it Sunday! 10:30. See you then.

Read Mark 4:26-34, Genesis 12:1-5, Genesis 46:1-5, Exodus 1:1-7

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