5/6/12 – The Light: Receive It Generously

5/6/12 – The Light: Receive It Generously


Sometimes people have trouble seeing Jesus. How do we know Him? Do we simply “follow in His footsteps” or can we know more, be closer? There are differences. We must learn to discriminate between “objective” faith and “subjective” faith. Objective faith is to simply believe the facts. Or the creeds – like the Apostles’ Creed. But subjective faith is the experience. It encompasses the affections, trust, our personal loyalty – it is how we believe. We need both!

Jesus said, “Believe generously and you will receive generously. In order to do that we have to not just objectively make a mental decision about what we believe. We have to open ourselves to experience Jesus in life. When we do this, we are really hearing Him, accepting His word, and acting on it. Then, He opens the door and faith blossoms. We’ll talk about it Sunday at 10:30. In the meantime . . .

Read Mark 4:21-25 and Isaiah 32:1-8

READ THE SERMON: The Light: Receive It Generously