March 4, 2012 – Knowing Jesus, Alive and In Full Force

Have you ever had one of those mountaintop experiences? You know, where you are away from it all (maybe even on a mountaintop!) and you encounter God. When you look around and are captivated by the beauty of nature; when the silence breathes God’s presence; when you just know God is real, and it feels glorious.

Three of the disciples experienced that one day when Jesus took them up a very high mountain. It was scary. But it was also the most exhilarating, faith-strengthening event of their lives. To know God is to be open to His very real presence. It can happen when we least expect it. We can’t create it, but He can, and it transforms us. See you Sunday, 10:30!

Read Mark 9:1-10, Exodus 33:12-23

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