November 8, 2009 – God Gives Generous Gifts

Jesus said He was at work in the world in the same way He saw His Father at work. God constantly works. The Psalmist says God never slumbers nor sleeps. God continues to work out His purpose and God works it through you. That’s an amazing thought for most of us.

This week we learn that faith must be expressed. Sometimes, though, we fail to grasp the privilege or hesitate to go through the open doors. Perhaps if we understood the plan of God to work through the gifts He has given us, we’d feel more confident. Paul teaches that gifts help us take care of one another and share the gospel. Gifts are the Holy Spirit at work. Let’s gather Sunday to talk about the gift of giving and the expression of our gifts.

To prepare read: 1 Corinthians 12:4-27

  • Do you believe God has a meaningful and fulfilling job for you to do? Are you exploring what that might be?

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