9/23/18 – Silent God, Unanswered Prayer

How has life been for you this week? Great or a trial? Peaceful or stressful? To be complained about or satisfied with? Has your week affected your prayer life in a positive way? Whether a good or bad week, we are encouraged to pray. Even in complaint the Psalmist prayed. In fact, in those complaint times, the Psalmist took active advantage of sharing his/her day with the Lord! That’s our discussion point for this Sunday. I hope you join us!

Sunday School for all ages and stages of faith begins at 9:15 with donuts and coffee. Worship begins at 10:30, followed by Lemonade on the Lawn. I can’t wait to see you!

READ:  Psalm 42 in your favorite Bible. Then read it here in Eugene Peterson’s The Message:   Psalm 42

READ the SERMON:  Silent God, Unanswered Prayer

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