2020 Prayer Night

We need your help to support prayer groups for the Night of Prayer at FPCD! This is a prayer initiative to develop prayer in the Duncanville Community. This prayer service will be once a month and take place from 5 to 6 pm.

Here are the prayer topics and dates:

January 25: Community
February 22: God’s Guidance
March 28: Healing and Restoration
April 25: Experiencing God’s Freedom
May 23: Maintaining Peace

We are seeking a team to help serve in a once-a-month prayer service, and you’re invited! Leadership experience is not necessary, just a willingness to be involved in some way. Jeff and Nyadia are working closely with Pastor Ginger to develop a once-a-month prayer and worship evening, but they can’t do it alone. Remember, all hands on deck! Think – Prayer Leaders, Greeters/Ushers, Singers, Men/Women on the Wall, Flyer Passer Outers aka Marketing, etc. We really want to see the church open its doors to welcome the community in as we bless them with a covering of prayer and an opportunity to worship with us.

If you would like to help, please call or email Jeff or Nyadia Thorpe:
Nyadia – 214-708-9245 nyadia@live.com
Jeff – 254-253-0630 j-thorpe@live.com