1/7/2018 – The Beginning: Do You See God?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we enter 2018, what is more appropriate than taking a spiritual review. How is your faith? Do you see God present in this world? John begins his biography of Jesus by shining a light on who Jesus is. It’s the perfect tool for us to use to inventory our own spiritual state. It’s a beginning. The first question of the survey is “Do you see God ?” We will talk about that on Sunday in worship at 10:30.

Sunday school begins at 9:15 with classes for all ages. If you are an adult beginner, there’s a class. Or, if you want to go deep, there’s a class. What a great time to up your exploration of God. God is worth investigating. It’s a new year. Let’s get started. I cannot wait to see you!

READ: John 1:1-5, Genesis 1:1-4, Psalm 104:1-5

READ the Sermon:  The Beginning: Do You See God?

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